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Key pressed

A decision block that awaits a media button press, or released.

The fiber will pause until a key has been pressed proceeding through the YES path, or a key was released proceeding through the UP path.

Virtual keyboards generally don’t generate key presses. Detecting hardware buttons may only work when the screen is on.

Input arguments

  • Key codes — a single key code number, or an array of key codes to await, default is all.
  • Key modifiers — modifiers which must be in effect, default is to ignore modifiers.
  • Consume — filter the key press from other app. Some key codes can’t be filtered.

Output variables

  • Pressed key code — variable to assign the key code to pressed key.
  • Pressed key modifiers — variable to assign the key modifiers in effect.
Note! This documentation can also be found in the Help & feedback menu of the app.