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Key send

A decision block that send/simulate a key/button press or release.

The fiber will pause until the simulated key event has been sent proceeding through the YES path, or if the Automate input method (soft keyboard) isn’t the enabled as the default proceeding through the NO path.

To make Automate the current (default) input method, use the Input method set block to do so automatically, or the Interact block with action Show input method picker to let the user choose.

Emulating hardware buttons such as power and volume may not work.

Note! When using action Down ensure to also send an action Up for the same key code, otherwise the key could be interpreted as “stuck”, therefore action Down & Up is preferable.

Input arguments

  • Action — event to simulate, default is Down & up.
  • Key code — key code number.
  • Key modifiers — modifiers applied to event, default is no modifier.
Note! This documentation is also accessible within the app from Help & feedback menu.