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Notification posted

A decision block that checks if a status bar notification is posted.

If the proceed option is set to Immediately (Android 4.3+), then instantly check if there’s a notification currently posted, or not, without pausing the fiber. If set to When transition, then the fiber will pause until a notification has been posted or updated and proceed through the YES path or has been removed (Android 4.3+) and proceed through the NO path.

Removal reasons:

0x00001notification click
0x00002user dismissal
0x00004user dismiss all
0x00008inflation error
0x00010package manager modifying app package
0x00020owning user context being stopped
0x00040user banning the package
0x00080owing app canceling
0x00100owing app canceling all
0x00200other app dismissal
0x00400other app dismiss all
0x00800member of a canceled group
0x01000invisible member of a group
0x02000device administrator suspending app package
0x04000managed profile turned off
0x08000unbundled summary
0x10000user banning the channel

Note! This feature isn’t officially supported until Android 4.3+, on lower versions checking the currently posted or waiting for removed notifications are unsupported.


  • Proceed — when the fiber should proceed. Immediately (Android 4.3+).

Input arguments

  • Package — package name of the app posting the notification to match, default is any.
  • Title — title of notification to match, default is any title, may contain glob pattern, default is any.
  • Visibility — visibility of notification to match, default is any. (Android 5+)
  • Ongoing — whether to ignore ongoing event notification, default is to not ignore.

Output variables

  • Package — variable to assign the package name of the app that posted the notification.
  • Title — variable to assign the notification title.
  • Message — variable to assign the notification message.
  • Ticker text — variable to assign the notification ticker text.
  • Person URIs — variable to assign an array of contact, mailto:, tel: or name: URIs of persons relevant to this notification.
  • Category — variable to assign the notification category.
  • When timestamp — variable to assign the “when” timestamp, the optional time displayed.
  • Extras — variable to assign a dictionary with extended notification data, content varies with Android version.
  • Action labels — variable to assign an array of “action” button labels.
  • Notification id — variable to assign id of the notification (Android 4.3+).
  • Removal reason — variable to assign the reason for notification removal (Android 8+).
  • Addition texts — variable to assign an array of additional notification texts. Deprecated, use extras instead.
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