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Shell command

An action block that executes a shell command.

The fiber will pause until the command has completed.

The command should be formatted as it would when executed at a shell prompt, that includes proper escaping. Use the cliEncode function when including a filename or other text as an argument. Currently the command isn’t executed in actual shell, e.g. bash, so built-in commands without stand-alone executables like cd, echo and test may not work, neither may “piping”, e.g. |, >>.

The standard output and error will contain the full text as generated by the command during its execution. The exit code is usually set to 0 (zero) for a successful execution of the command.

Input arguments

  • Command — command to execute, including any arguments.
  • Working directory — directory where the command will be executed, default is external storage.

Output variables

  • Standard output text — variable to assign the STDOUT.
  • Standard error text — variable to assign the STDERR.
  • Exit code — variable to assign the exit code.
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