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App shortcut install

An action block that install/pin an app shortcut in the default launcher home screen.

The fiber will proceed immediately without pause. On Android 8+ the user has to confirm the installation.

This block will proceed through the NO path if the launcher doesn’t support installing shortcuts or the device is locked, otherwise through the YES path.

An app activity is referred, either explicitly by its package and activity class (use the Pick app activity button), or implicitly by an Action and Data URI. To implicitly start the “main” activity like the launcher does, specify only the package.

What data and actions an activity support varies. Search for public documentation, or look at the app manifest for clues.

Privacy warning! The data within a shortcut is accessible by the launcher app, don’t include sensitive information.

Input arguments

  • Label — shortcut caption, default is the display name of resolved app activity.
  • Icon URIURI or filename of image to show as shortcut icon, default is the icon of resolved app activity, may be ignored by the launcher if action is Main and category is Launcher.
  • Package — package name of the app activity.
  • Activity class — class name of the app activity.
  • Action — action the activity should perform, required on Android 8+.
  • Data URI — content URI the activity should handle.
  • MIME type — type of data the Data URI is referring to. See MIME type.
  • Category — action category, use an array for multiple categories.
  • Extrasdictionary with extended data, inconvertible entries lacking a conversion type may be excluded.
  • Flags — launch flags.

Output variables

  • Shortcut id — variable to assign the UUID of the installed shortcut. (Android 8+)
Note! This documentation is also accessible within the app from Help & feedback menu.