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App shortcut start

An action block that starts an app from a shortcut.

The fiber will proceed immediately without pause.

A flow containing this block may cause a warning when loaded and fail to start if the internal data format of the “shortcut” has changed, due to it being create on another Android version, please read.

Privacy warning! When a shortcut has been created or captured, it’s stored in the flow, the data within it is foreign to Automate and may contain sensitive information. Be wary of sharing a flow using this block.


Tap the Pick shortcut to pick and configure a shortcut from apps supporting it, which is less likely on Android 8+.

If an app isn’t listed, but can create shortcuts, it means they can only be create from within the app, and not through the launcher. To “capture” such shortcuts, navigate to the app using the Home or Recent button, without canceling the App start shortcut editor. Create the shortcut from within the app and it should appear both on the home screen and in the App start shortcut editor. The home screen shortcut can then be removed. Capturing shortcuts are not possible on Android 8+.

Note! This documentation is also accessible within the app from Help & feedback menu.