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Time await

A decision block that awaits a specific or recurring time of day.

The fiber will pause until the time of day.

If the proceed option is set to Inexact the fiber may proceed at a later time to “batch” alarms together across the system, minimizing battery use. If Exact the fiber will proceed as timely as possible.

Note! Accurate timing is impossible on Android 6 though 11, expect up to 15 minutes inaccuracy. Accuracy may be improved by using a Timing accuracy workaround in settings, shouldn’t be necessary on Android 12+.


  • Proceed — accuracy.

Input arguments

  • Time of day — time of day, seconds past midnight, default is midnight.
  • Weekdays — limit to weekdays, default is every weekday.
  • Day of month — limit to day of month, default is every day of the month.
  • Month — limit to month, default is every month.
  • Year — limit to year, default is every year.
  • Time zone — which time zone, default is the current time zone.
  • Wake up — whether the device should awake from sleep.
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