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You can download complete flow examples from the Tutorials & Examples category in the Community.

Here are some expression examples:

Compare two values for numerical equality;
+var1 = +var2

Compare two values for lexical equality;
++var1 = ++var2

Compare two values for boolean equality;
!var1 = !var2

Get last element of an array;

Format current date using string interpolation;
"Today is {Now;dateFormat;MMM dd}"

Format current date using an expression;
"Today is " ++ dateFormat(Now,"MMM dd")

Split text into an array of lines;

Get a random line of text;

Get filename from a path;

Parse a hexadecimal number;

Parse a binary number;

Get start of day timestamp;
timeMerge(Now, 0)

More examples will be included. Please use the forum if you need help with an expression.

Note! This documentation can also be found in the Help & feedback menu of the app.