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The premium upgrade for Automate can be purchased through the Buy premium menu, also present as an option in settings. There’s no separate “pro” download, Premium is unlocked by a single in-app purchase which is owned by the Google account used during purchase. All devices registered with the purchasing account will have the Premium upgrade.

Solution for premium purchase and verification issues

  • Rebooting the device may suffice.
  • The device has to be registered with a Google account.
  • In-app purchases, and the verification thereof, is handled by the Google Play store app, make sure it’s installed and up to date.
  • Ensure the device has its current date and time correctly set.
  • The Google Play store has poor support for multiple Google accounts on the same device, try changing active account in the Google Play store app. Alternatively, make a backup, uninstall the app, then reinstall it from the Google Play store web page while logged in with the correct account.
  • The Google Play store may have cached a corrupt or incorrect version of the licensing data, try Clear data for the Google Play store app in system Apps settings.
  • Xposed is a major cause of all kinds of issues, disable it.
  • Ensure you’re using a legitimate copy of Automate downloaded from the Google Play store.
  • Uninstall any kind of “cracking” apps as they will interfere with the purchase and verification process.

For additional information, see Google Play store support.

Free edition

The free edition only has a single limitation, a maximum of 30 running blocks, that could be 15 running flows with two blocks, or a single running flow with 30 blocks. Unused/unconnected blocks within a flow are also counted. There’s no limit on inactive flows stored on the device. All features can be used with or without Premium purchase (if supported by device).

Note! This documentation is also accessible within the app from Help & feedback menu.