[¶] Weather Datas© [V4]

by Alexandre Desfontaines

Version 3 (November 2, 2018)

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You want to easily get the weather around you or anywhere else ? this flow is for you with many features !

▶How to use
Start the flow, it will prompt you a setup dialog, once you finished it, it will get the weather for you current location. You can choose between many options.

- added update checker and automatic download of the update.
- now display sunrise and sunset !

Fonctionnality :
- Change location
- Get actual weather
- Get weather of the day
- Get a nice weather report
- Get 24 hour data in a report
- Get 24 hour data in a graph
- Get daily weather data up to 7 days
- Enable a real time notification
- Integrated unit convertion system
- apparent temperature is show
- update checker integrated
- sunrise and sunset now show up !

▶How it works ?
It get the weather the selected location and display it as a chart, or report, a notification.

▶ Community
You can also join our group for help or just chat !

This flow is designed to be premium. If you are a non premium user, please don't download.

📊 Stats 📊
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Version : 684

📌 Note 📌
Graph system was optimised and edited by me by me but initially created by "nuggets poulet" who use Finch Nelson flows :

The sunrise, sunset part was adapted and optimised by me but originally created by "Fran T" :
It use "sunrise-sunset.org/api" website.

This flow is part of the [¶] project. Simply search for [¶] to find all my premium flows.

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