[/|\] Device Temperature - V2

by Alexandre Desfontaines

Version 5 (November 2, 2018)

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Want to quickly know your CPU, GPU or battery temperatures without using any apps. This flow is for you ! You can also display the data's into a chart.

▶How to use
Start the flow and check the notification. It refresh automatically.
Start the chart, it will load temperature data's, and display them into a chart.

▶How it works ?
It checks through many usual path for CPU temperature, once it found the right path, it read it and display it. After it try the GPU and get battery. It store them and display them.

You can also join our group for help or just chat !

This flow is designed to be non premium. Since you don't have to run all fibers simultaneously, you never exceed 30 blocs.

📊 Stats 📊
Blocks : 29
Fiber : 1
Version : 276

📌 Note 📌
Disable the log.
Might not work on all devices.
Could decrease device performance.
If no CPU path available, it skip it now.
Now should no longer display unavailable data's.

This flow is part of the [/|\] project. Simply search for [/|\] to find all my Non-premium flows.

▶ Credits
Chart (Finch Nelson) :

Made by Alexandre Desfontaines

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