Check My Commute

by Fran T

Version 4 (November 16, 2021)

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Uses Google Maps (if installed) or Google Assistant to show information about your commute. (Presumes you've set up your commute with Google; also see:

The setup asks for the days of your commute and your work hours so that you can run the flow on a regular timer and it will check your commute only when necessary.

The "Check My Commute Now" flow can be used to check your commute at any time.

Also available as a routine in Jarvis:

Also see my flow which demonstrates getting directions to particular places such as Home or Work, and getting your commute time:

o Open Google Maps app (if it's installed) to show commute information; fix bug with workday times being ignored when flow is rerun; improve setup
o Added 'Show My Commute Settings' flow