šŸ—‚ZipperMate [TM]

by Trenton Michael

Version 1 (April 4, 2020)

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This flow helps you zip files up.
With this flow you can zip more then one file,
Most can't zip more then one with out putting it in a folder first.
But this one puts it in the first root directory of the zip file.

When I make a file explorer/manager I will link it here

How to use (dialogue boxs are in flow)

1. To zip or to unzip that is the question
After taping start tap on

"ZipperMate - Zipper" to zip files

2. The first file pick is for the new .zip file
Tap new name it someing AND ADD ".zip" to the end it will not be added automatically.

3. Add the files you want
For only one file:
Find the file you want to zip tap it and on the next window tap cancel.

For more than one file:
Find the first file you want to zip
Tap it and repeat this for all files but one,
On the last file tap it and on the next window tap cancel.

4. waiting...
Now we wait not long at all, this flow is SUPER fast if you have a couple GBs it may take more but this is really FAST.

Now you are done your zip file should be were you saved it in step 2.

"ZipperMate - Unzipper" to unzip files

2. Find the zip file to unzip.

3. Make a new directory or use existing folder
To extract to.

4. Waiting...
Again this flow is fast.

5. Done
All your files should be were you set to extract them.

This flow is covered under
If you want to use this in your flow, credit this flow

*Change Log*
V1.0 Original Release
V1.0.1 Description Revision {NO FLOW UPDATE} (Grammer was not the best.)
V1.0.1.1 Description Revision {NO FLOW UPDATE} (Added CC license)

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