Game: Actual Random Dice v2

by Niels Triple

Version 1 (August 8, 2019)

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This is my second design for an actual random dice game.

Like I said in my first random dice flow:
As a programmer, you must understand that random generated numbers are not random at all.
There is actually a pattern behind it, and that is a big problem. If you crack that pattern, you can predict the outcome of a game.

Now, how to tackle this?
Add in numbers that are truely random and make it as unpredictable as possible (probably making this the most over-engineered set of Dice known to man.)!
This dice game uses all of your phones sensors (plus the current time to the millisecond) to obtain actual random numbers, these numbers are used to shuffle the dice. Since no game will be shuffled in a predictable way, this is an actually random dice game.

My first random dice game can be found here:

Build 201906171535 It's live!

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