Dash cam (self-sufficient flow, no extra apps)

by Alex Chudinov

Version 1 (January 24, 2020)

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[no paid Automate, no root required]
This flow is a standalone dash cam solution to take videos when you properly mount your device and provide certain power source:
- no external apps required this time (comparing to one of my existing flows)
- videos will be put on hold when unmounting the device or detaching the power
- you control which power source to react to (e.g. wireless charger rather than any sort of charges)
- if it's still necessary to take videos without power you can do so by tapping a notification
- each day at midnight, old files will be deleted to save storage space
- an icon in the notification bar will show if any recording is happenning at the moment (when Automate related notifications aren't grouped by android itself)

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I've built this flow as I started to have issues with one of my previous flows named "Dash cam 1.1 (improvement for Road Recorder)" after update to android 9. Although, it may be just my device..

Here, Road Recorder is the external app responsible for taking videos and capable of drawing trips on the map and ebmedding speed to the videos based on GPS while the flow just like above waits for proper orientation and the specific power source to give a green light to the app to shoot videos.
The flow can be found here https://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/26000, if any.

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