Assignment Organizer and List

by Samuel Rivera

Version 3 (February 6, 2020)

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Do you have trouble keeping track of your assignments in your classes? If so, this is the flow for you!

Flow in Pseudocode:
- Ask the user for all classes in progress
- Ask the user for a Google Calendar to post future assignments to (works best with new calendar called "Assignments" or something similar)
- User should install shortcuts to home screen of Add Assignment (block 20) and Assignment List (block 29)
- User runs Add Assignment and selects class, adds description, and chooses due date. Repeat for all assignments given
- User runs Assignment List to get a list of all assignments due in the next 7 days
- User achieves 4.0 GPA
- User graduates from University Magna Cum Laude

[2] Ensures a directory is in place called "Documents". Added ability to clear classes at the end of the semester.
[3] Prevents user from accidentally adding more classes mid-semester. Shows assignments via dialog on screen as well as updates a .txt file in "Documents" folder (thank you for the suggestion Arena Closer!).

37 Blocks.


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