📰 Improved HeadLines!!

by P. Andreas Schmidt, IVE

Version 8 (June 20, 2022)

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Checkout the highly improved version:

Original flow here: https://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/19084
Thanks Nobin Jacob.

Get Latest News Headlines from different news RSSs.

8-great remake, took quite some work, but got rid of lots of blocks (now 21) and could now add:
-notification showing loading progress
-"header" with the source of news at beginning
Perhaps this remake and more free blocks will allow the idea I mentioned in v5 I couldn't get to work
7-some fixes
5-now you can fetch from a list of rss-links, that the flow goes through (it now has next to Google some Dutch rss's, you put in there what you want). It will always filter out items older than 24h, you can adjust this time window in blocks 115, 134 & 140.
This leads to fairly long lists of headlines (each RSS feed usually has some 30+ items). So I got the idea that after clicking on one, when you go back to the list it should start at that item (with a new first "item" to see the whole list again). I've tried to implement this but I couldn't get it really to work, so I left it. And now it's already 30 blocks so can't do it. If somebody wants to try, I'd be really interested to see the solution!
4-removed leftover unnecessary block, and added feature that puts separator between the latest news and from last fetch (if you hit the separator your sent to localhost page). For some reason even though I make him fetch more than once, you'll only get 38 items. Only after closing and running the flow again will you get new news, ...
3-it's not a good idea to loop through an array with for each and remove items from it... So fixed that.
2-had forgotten a 0 in one of the add item to array blocks causing mismatching headlines and links, now fixed, sorry about that.

Improvements: (also respective Nobin's v2 of his flow)
*Atomically stored headlines (and links! Not just titles) get updated: older than 24h gets deleted, only new items added (no doubles). Automatically repeats http-get until no new items.
* All items visible, not just first 10 (including *first* i.e. [0]). At first I had reduced the navigation blocks from like 9 to 3, but in the end I found it more practical to just list all headlines at once, since they're short enough and don't get cut.
Thinking of adding in a share link feature but not sure will fit in 30 blocks.

suggestions or problems welcome!

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