Send audio/file by WhatsApp

by P. Andreas Schmidt, IVE

Version 2 (July 9, 2022)

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Check out my new WA automisation flow to send text and multiple files to multiple contacts:

V2: added
-a requirement that the entered text be a finished sentence (by ?, ! or .) I think that'll make for better audios.
-a file size check since WA doesn't allow above 16 MB.
-a check whether the contact has a phone number.

I got this idea from those situations when you need to send an voice-message to someone but you can't (cuz you're in a boring meeting or so).
This flow will ask you for a text message to be converted into a audio file. If you have the Tasker Now plugin installed it will try to automatically detect the language, else you'll be asked. Be careful once I was trying this out I just put in "bla" as a message and WA couldn't send it, probably too short. (Of course, feel free to edit it to your needs or cut it all out if you only message in one language.)
If you cancel the message input, you'll be asked to pick a file to be sent (it can be anything, mime type is automatically detected).
Next you'll be asked to pick a contact to whom this should be sent. If you have the Contacts Tasker plugin this will be used to get the (first) mobile number. Else the native AM query just gets the primary phone number which mightn't be the correct one. If you cancel the contact pick (by hitting back) you can input a phone number (also handy if it's not a saved contact). If you cancel this, you'll end up with the WhatsApp contact pick (in case you want to send it to a group).
Credits and thanks to
1) @Random Persson and his flow ( where I got the basic idea for the send intent.
2) Thomas and Micha from the AM WhatsApp group who helped me to get the send intent working properly! Using the fileUri function, since WA needs content:// instead of file://. Probably would have never figured that one out... Or never noticed on the internet forums...

Hope this helps you, either as is, or to develop some flow of your own.
Please leave a comment for errors or suggestions.

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