Shake To Open

by Bit

Version 4 (September 30, 2016)

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A tool designed for people who are too lazy to tap the app shortcut.

Select your app package (ex: then your activation gesture.

- Shake: shake your device back and forward
- Flick: quickly rotate your device along the diagonal axis
- Swipe: move your device to the left quicky in a arc pattern

The gestures may not work for everyone. If this is the case go into the flowchart and locate this block:

Motion Gesture
[Name of gesture]

Edit it, tap the button which reads Record Gesture and execute your desired gesture.
Then find the block after the Flow Beginning block (Set Variable) and change the index of the array (where index = X found in in the if statement above the gesture block)

A notification will be shown in the minimum section (notifications below the horizontal line) with an option to cancel.
This flow can be ran in parallel (two flows running at once).

This version can be ran without the use of the premium version.

See the other versions of the script
- Shake To Open (Normal version - Uses 30 blocks)
- Shake To Open Premium (Best version - Requires Automate premium - Uses 30+ blocks)

# Version 4
  - Bug stopping notification from stopping fiber fixed
# Version 3
  - Updated gestures
# Version 2
  - Added change log

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