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Database query

An action block that queries content stored in a SQLite database file.

The fiber will pause until the statement has been executed.

This block will open the database file in read-only mode and should therefor not execute a statement (e.g. DELETE, INSERT or UPDATE) that may modify the stored data, use the Database modify block for that.

Note! The conserve memory, a maximum of 500 rows will be included in the result, append LIMIT 500 to the statement to ensure it’s not exceeded.

Input arguments

  • Database file — path to an existing database file on primary external storage.
  • Statement — a SQL statement, default is to just open the database file.
  • Parameters — an array of values to replace any ? within the Statement.
  • Result type — type of result assigned to Result, default is Rows as arrays.

Output variables

  • Result — variable to assign an array of rows where each element is, depending on Result type, either an array with column values or a dictionary with column names as keys and the value thereof.
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