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Database query

An action block that queries content stored in a SQLite database file.

The fiber will pause until the statement has been executed.

This block will open the database file in read-only mode and should therefore not execute a statement (e.g. DELETE, INSERT or UPDATE) that may modify the stored data, use the Database modify block for that.

Binary (BLOB) columns are not supported and will be exclude from the result. To conserve memory a maximum of 500 rows will be included in the result, append LIMIT 500 to the statement to ensure it’s not exceeded.

Result types

  • Rows as arrays — an array of rows where each row element is an array with column values.
  • Rows as dictionaries — an array of rows where each row element is a dictionary with column names as keys and the value thereof.
  • Concatenated rows — a single “flat” array with all column values of all rows concatenated.

Input arguments

  • Database file — path to an existing database file.
  • Statement — a SQL statement, default is to just open the database file.
  • Parameters — an array of values to replace any ? within the Statement.
  • Result type — type of result assigned to Result see result types, default is Rows as arrays.

Output variables

  • Result — variable to assign an array with the query result, structured as Result type.
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