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Dialog web

A decision block that lets the user view a web or HTML page.

The fiber will pause until the user has dismissed the dialog, a page redirected to the intercepted ok or cancel page URL or the timeout expired.

Usage examples

  • Display a run-time generated HTML page by passing it as the HTML page argument.
  • Browse the web by passing a regular http:// or https:// URL as the page URL argument.
  • Display local content, such as HTML, image, video, PDF, by passing an file:// or content:// URI as the page URL argument.
  • Create an (OAuth2) authentication flow for Google, Facebook, etc., to acquire an authentication token for accessing their online APIs using HTTP requests.
  • Display an custom interactive layout drawn using JavaScript.

Intercepted page URLs controlling the dialog:

The dialog OK button can be controlled using…

  • the regular expression, when it match the URL of the loaded page the button is enabled, otherwise disabled. Use .* for all pages.
  • JavaScript within any HTML page, by calling automate.setOkButtonEnabled(true); (Android 4.2+).

Input arguments

  • Page URLURL of page to display, default is http://localhost, the HTML page.
  • HTML pageHTML to display (full page source using UTF-8 charset), default is no page.
  • Regular expression — enable dialog OK button while loaded page has an URL matching this regular expression, default is always disabled.
  • Basic authorization account — name of generic credentials account used for basic HTTP authorization, only apply to host of page URL, default is no authorization.
  • User agent — User-Agent header used when making HTTP requests, default is set by the system.
  • Timeout — time until the notification/dialog is automatically canceled, default is no timeout.
  • Notification channelUUID of notification channel used for shown notification, default is the flow default or Flow.
  • Show window — whether to show the dialog window directly without having to tap the notification. Requires the “appear atop of other apps or parts of the screen” privilege on Android 10+.

Output variables

  • Result page URL — variable to assign the URL of dismiss/exit page, if available.
  • Result page title — variable to assign the title of the dismiss/exit page, if available.
Note! This documentation is also accessible within the app from Help & feedback menu.