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Data deletion

To request that we delete all data stored in relation to a particular user as described in the privacy policy, please e-mail us from the Gmail address as used in the user account. This is required by us to authenticate the user, confirm the deletion request, and then find the data relating to the user.

The data deletion procedure:

  1. You send an e-mail from the Gmail address as used in the user account
  2. We send a reply with a confirmation request
  3. You MUST send a reply to confirm that data can be deleted
  4. We begin the process of deleting any data
  5. We have deleted the data

The above procedure may take up to a month, and will only delete the data we store. To request deletion of any data that Google collects and store, see Report Content On Google.

For additional inquiries please contact us at

Note! This documentation is also accessible within the app from Help & feedback menu.