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App decision

A decision block that start an app activity.

The fiber will pause until the activity has finished or the timeout expired. If you don’t want the fiber to pause, use the App start block instead.

Only some app activities are designed to return a meaningful result, those activities often perform a single task, like picking, inserting or deleting content.

An app activity is referred, either explicitly by its package and activity class, e.g. by using the Pick activity button, or implicitly by an action and data URI. Explicit start is seldom needed and should be avoided as it will stop working if the activity class is renamed. To implicitly start the “main” activity like the launcher does, specify only the package.

What data, actions and extras an activity support varies. Search for public documentation, or look at the app manifest for clues. Information about common Intents.

When including a file URI either as data URI or "android.intent.extra.STREAM" extra, ensure to enable the appropriate Grant flags otherwise it may be inaccessible to the app.

Note! If this block cause a ActivityNotFoundException or SecurityException failure is likely because the activity isn’t exported, it’s been temporarily or permanently disabled, or it’s secured by a permission to prevent third-party apps from launching it.


The list below describe some universal or more notable actions:


The table below lists some of the commonly used keys for the extras dictionary:

KeyConversion typeDescription
"android.intent.extra.HTML_TEXT"StringA HTML alternative to "android.intent.extra.TEXT".
"android.intent.extra.REFERRER"UriHTTP or package referrer.
"android.intent.extra.STREAM"UriA data stream, e.g. a file URI.
"android.intent.extra.SUBJECT"StringSubject of a message.
"android.intent.extra.TEXT"CharSequenceA generic text.
"android.intent.extra.TITLE"CharSequenceA generic title.
"query"StringA search query.

Launch options

KeyConversion typeDescription
"android:activity.animType"IntValue as 7 will launch activity (behind) without presenting it to user, only accessible through “recents” screen (Android 4.4+)
"android:activity.launchBounds"RectThe [top,left,right,bottom] bounds (window size) that the activity should be launched in (Android 7+)
"android.activity.launchDisplayId"IntDisplay id the activity should be launched into (Android 8+)
"android:activity.lockTaskMode"BooleanWhether the activity should be launched into “LockTask” mode (Android 9+)

Input arguments

  • Package — package name of the app activity.
  • Activity class — class name of the app activity.
  • Action — action the activity should perform.
  • Data URI — URI for the activity to handle.
  • MIME typeMIME type of data the Data URI is referring.
  • Category — action category, use an array for multiple categories.
  • Extrasdictionary with extended data, inconvertible entries lacking a conversion type may be excluded.
  • Flags — launch flags.
  • Launch optionsdictionary with activity launch options. (Android 4.1+)
  • Timeout — time until the notification/dialog is automatically canceled, default is no timeout.
  • Notification channelUUID of notification channel used for shown notification, default is the flow default or Flow.
  • Show window — whether to show the dialog window directly without having to tap the notification. Requires the “appear atop of other apps or parts of the screen” privilege on Android 10+.

Output variables

  • Result URI — variable to assign the resulting URI.
  • Result extras — variable to assign a dictionary with extended result data, inconvertible entries may be excluded.
Note! This documentation is also accessible within the app from Help & feedback menu.