😴 Sleep Tracker 📈

by Fran T

Version 7 (May 11, 2022)

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Automatically tracks your sleep and charts the results. Your average bedtime and wakeup times are also calculated, along with the seven-day moving average of your amount of sleep per day. When you wake up, a notification shows the starting and ending times for your sleep intervals that evening, with actions to change them and chart your sleep. (Note that it may take Android a minute or two to detect that you've awakened.)

Use the Start Tracking Sleep flow to start tracking your sleep. The flow will ask for your usual bedtime in order to prevent Android from recording sleep intervals during the day when your phone is idle.

The Chart Daily Sleep flow will display a chart showing how much sleep you get each night. You can switch between the different kinds of charts using the buttons at the top of the graph. Tapping repeatedly on the Line and Bar chart buttons will alternate them between horizontal and vertical orientations. Charting intervals of one week, two weeks, and one month can be chosen by tapping on the calendar/number button below the chart. The individual datasets (such as the seven-day moving average) can be shown or hidden by tapping on their colored buttons in the legend. Tapping on a datapoint will show when and how long you slept that day. Weekend days are highlighted. If you press OK to close the chart, your display preferences are saved.

Sleep times can be changed using the Update Sleep Time flow. If you set a duration of zero, that time record will be deleted from the chart, but it can be updated later again if you wish. Note that the sleep time is often not the difference between the bedtime and wakeup time, since you may have awakened between those times.

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Charting flow:

o Support updating the current day's sleep time when none was recorded
o Add sleep goal
o In the notification, show total time, which the user may have updated
o Update the notification after updating today's sleep times; improve Update Sleep Time flow