🚶Step Tracker 📈

by Fran T

Version 4 (May 14, 2022)

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Automatically tracks your daily step count, duration, and distance, and charts the results. The seven-day moving average of each is also calculated.

Use the Start Tracking Steps flow to start tracking your steps.

The Chart Daily Steps flow will display a chart showing how many steps you take each day, how long you were active, and the approximate distance you traveled. You can switch between the different kinds of charts using the buttons at the top of the graph. Tapping repeatedly on the Line and Bar chart buttons will alternate them between horizontal and vertical orientations. Charting intervals of one week, two weeks, and one month can be chosen by tapping on the calendar/number button below the chart. To switch between Steps, Duration, and Distance charts, tap on the walking/watch/world icons. You can also switch between miles and kilometers on the Distance chart. The individual datasets (such as the goal and the seven-day moving average) can be shown or hidden by tapping on their colored buttons in the legend. Tapping on a datapoint will show how many steps/time/distance that day. Weekend days are highlighted. If you press OK to close the chart, your display preferences are saved.

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Sleep Tracker:

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o Renamed settings file from Automate/step-counter.txt to step-tracker.txt